IT Augmentation Services

IT companies are constantly on the lookout for trained application professionals to manage their process continually and effectively. Finding the right talent is often difficult. It is even harder to retain the trained staff.

Here is a small scenario to get your thoughts moving. You have recently bagged a big-ticket IT project. All the systems are in place. There is just one hindrance that could put all your plans in jeopardy. You are not adequately staffed to deliver the project on time. What if the project includes support and maintenance?

Hiring new staff and training them will take time and effort and you may not be able to spare that either with your tight schedule. Here is a suggestion to save the day. Why not augment your IT staff with external IT talent?

Pearl Tech Corporation can staff your company with trained IT professionals, to fulfill your need for short-term or long-term skills, helping you meet difficult challenges head on. All our candidates are skilled and have certifications with successful track records across different client technologies and multiple industries. We can help you supplement your existing resources and gain flexibility whenever needed.

Staff Augmentation has many benefits:
You get trained professionals with technical expertise that you can put to work right away.
It accelerates development and boosts the quality of the output.
Costs on skill development and training are slashed. You gain access to the latest IT skills without putting your staff through training.
No time is wasted on internal skill development and training.
Your hiring costs are lowered and there is no fear of attrition.

Why should you choose Pearl Tech Corporation?
Our professionals are highly experienced and we can supply dedicated personnel to your exact specifications.
You can switch professionals in line with your changing needs.
You get the benefit of discontinuing the service when the project has been accomplished and when the contract has expired.
Competitive pricing comparable to the best globally. Moreover, with a two-week notice, we will replace a resource we have placed at your facility with someone better.

Here are some of the disciplines that we can help you with:

  • Project Management
  • Enterprise applications full life cycle implementation and support.
  • Database administration
  • ERP solutions.
  • System analysis
  • Testing tools and ancillary services
  • Database management and servicing
  • Web development
  • Mainframe programming

If you are looking for IT augmentation services or if a service you are seeking is not listed here, please send us an email at We will reply quickly.

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